Unbalanced Snow Loads

When roofs are pitched (i.e. angled), the snow collects differently than it does on flat roofs. Unbalanced snow loads occur on pitched (most commonly gable) roofs, and the building code tells us to consider these loads up to 7V:12H roof pitches. Here, some of our engineers are at Loon, mid-mountain, and this building has quite… Read More »

Hockey Rink Rooftop Condenser Structural Supports

This project involved replacing rooftop chiller condensing units servicing not one, but two hockey rinks. You can imagine the amount of energy required to produce enough cold to keep two ice rinks well below freezing temperature. So, replacing the condensers with modern, gas-fired compressors will return the investment quickly. These two compressors are heavier than… Read More »

Sunroom vs Screened Porch vs 3-Season Porch

Team Engineering frequently works on lake front homes with clients who want to make the most of their beautiful views and create a pleasant spot to relax or gather friends and family. Team helps propose plans that best fit the desires of our clients by designing Sunrooms, Screened Porches and 3-Season Rooms. The first step… Read More »