Comprehensive Design Services

Throughout the years, Team Engineering’s focus has been structural engineering with a strong growth in mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) designs. It is only natural that clients have asked us to help assist in their architectural designs and become a comprehensive building design firm. With our architectural designs, we service homeowners and building professionals in… Read More »

Five-Story Multi-Family Building Benefits from Modular Wood Panels

Construction continues on the five-story, wood-framed apartment building we recently designed. Modular wood wall panels, 4×2 wood floor trusses, and 4×2 wood roof trusses facilitated a speedy framing process. The contractor chose LP Flameblock sheathing for the exterior assembly to meet structural shear wall strength and fire barrier requirements. 2×4 metal plate connected wood trusses… Read More »

Enscape Renderings

Team Engineering is excited to share that we have increased our capabilities in 3D rendering using Enscape. We have previously offered exterior architectural renderings that we produced using Revit. We had selectively offered Enscape for large-scale architectural projects up to this point. Having, however, recently added our new hire, William Fitzpatrick, we are now able… Read More »

Energy Charette

A charette is an intense period of planning or design effort. Don’t let the obscure vocabulary scare you off. It really just means a collaborative design process. A group brainstorming session. A time when all parties can come together to discuss big-picture goals, design criteria, and other critical aspects of the process. I remember brainstorming… Read More »

Five-Story Multi-Family Building Benefits from Modular Wood Panels

Construction of a five-story, multi-family, wood-framed building is underway in Nashua. We are the structural engineers of record and designed the building using largely traditional wood framing. We did, however, employ a modern, continuous anchor tie-down system to keep the building grounded when facing lateral loads from wind and earthquakes. The system takes the place… Read More »

Simpson Strong-Rod ATS in mid-rise wood building

Due to its cost-effectiveness, material-use efficiency, sustainability, and availability of labor and materials, wood light-frame construction is the go-to framing choice for single-family or multifamily homes and commercial buildings. Multi-story wood light-frame buildings have become more common in the construction industry up to mid-rise buildings. One of the structural design challenges for mid-rise wood light-frame… Read More »

Farmer’s Porch Dube’s General Contracting

Team Engineering completed the architectural and structural design of a farmer’s porch addition to a colonial home. The porch construction was completed by Dube’s General Contracting, a frequent collaborator with Team Engineering. Dube’s General Contracting often gets involved early in the project planning process to enhance the communication between the engineer and contractor to ensure… Read More »