By Team Engineering | January 10, 2024

Team’s MEP engineers regularly attend ASHRAE New Hampshire events, hosted by the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers. The professional group focuses on advancing the art and science of HVACR design to sustainability serve society. New Hampshire’s ASHRAE chapter organizes regular educational events with guest speakers from the industry, fostering learning and innovation among its members. Team thoroughly enjoys attending these events to advance their expertise in mechanical solutions.

In recent meetings, Team visited Viega’s test facility in Nashua, NH, to learn about optimal water heating design with electric on-demand water heaters and Viega’s smart connection feature. The discussion offered a fresh perspective on approaching hot water design for diverse spaces, ranging from restroom facets to laboratory decontamination showers. Additionally, the Team attended a presentation exploring recent research about reducing airborne particulates with displacement ventilation and its performance compared to traditional overhead mixed-air ventilation systems.

Engineers at Team are dedicated to continuously advancing their design skills and updating their industry knowledge to deliver practical and effective solutions for diverse projects.

Alisyn McNamara

Engineering Technician

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