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One of my favorite seminars of my professional life was by a Boston based Mechanical Engineer.  The topic was how to size a replacement heating/cooling system for an existing building.  The presenter suggested that no amount of theoretical analysis of building envelope R-values and window U-values and building envelope volume could make up for a… Read More »

Welcome Ali

Hi everyone, My name is Ali McNamara, and I am the newest member of Team Engineering. I am fascinated by the boundless possibilities of the built environment and the large-scale creative expression it enables. As a recent graduate who studied mechanical engineering, I am motivated by the responsibility engineers have to develop safe systems and… Read More »

New Apartment Buildings

I was nine years old in 1976.  I bought my first new bicycle – a special edition – Schwinn Varsity – with money that I earned delivering The Nashua Telegraph. Dash – the most incredible bicycle guy you ever met ran “Larry’s Bike Shop” with his brother. That shop is just a block from where… Read More »

Concealed Heat Pumps

Heat pump technology has improved significantly in recent years and is becoming a popular solution for new heating and cooling systems. The nature of a heat pump system allows flexibility in locating both indoor and outdoor equipment. The key to heat pump technology is the flow of outdoor air across a coil; in the summer,… Read More »

Energy Charette

A charette is an intense period of planning or design effort. Don’t let the obscure vocabulary scare you off. It really just means a collaborative design process. A group brainstorming session. A time when all parties can come together to discuss big-picture goals, design criteria, and other critical aspects of the process. I remember brainstorming… Read More »

The Benefits of Continuous Insulation

It’s so much fun to provide Architectural Engineering services and watching the industry gradually adopt new materials and methods.  Continuous Insulation has been one of my favorites for the past few years, and it’s really taking off. From our perspective, the number one reason for this trend is the popularity of spray foam insulation and the… Read More »