Is This Beam Wood or Steel? Or both?

Structural steel is becoming more common in homes, as structural steel gets stronger and lighters and its cost per pound comes closer to alternatives like engineered lumber. The challenge with using steel in primarily wood structures is often the interaction – how do you connect the two? It takes some thought, but collaborations between framer,… Read More »

UniCast North Addition Design

One year ago (, we helped design a small southern addition to expand the manufacturing space for Uni-Cast in Londonderry, NH. Since then, construction has been completed and their aluminum casting plant continues to thrive. As the next phase in the project, we have been contracted to design the North Addition, scheduled to begin construction in… Read More »

Reserve Specialist

Team Engineering services often include reserve studies, transition warranty studies or other property inspection services necessary to develop effective capital or long-term planning strategies.  These services are enhanced by our experienced staff comprised of professional engineers, reserve specialists and licensed home inspectors. What is a Reserve Study? Simply stated, a reserve study can be defined… Read More »