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Team Engineering attends Spray Foam Insulation Training

Team Engineering recently participated in an educational training session performed by Spray Foam Distributors of New England, Inc. As a design company, Team Engineering often specifies spray foam insulation as a great alternative, or in addition, to fiberglass or cellulose insulation. It stops air and moisture intrusion into the building, which also helps to prevent… Read More »

Team Fun Day at Camp Allen

Team spent its most recent Fun Day at Camp Allen in Bedford, NH, assisting with their fall close-up and some special projects. We had great weather, and were able to paint the interior of three cabins, clean the nature trail, demolish an old wood ramp, and build a new firepit on the nature trail. And… Read More »

Roof Valley Termination

One reoccurring theme we often see is poor termination of roof valleys.  We’ve seen a bunch of these recently – both in existing homes and in new designs that we were asked to review. Here’s a few examples that we’ve come across that you could look out for in your own home… In the first… Read More »

Project Spotlight: Uni-Cast

We have been selected by Uni-Cast (https://www.uni-cast.com/) of Londonderry to provide architectural and engineering design services for a small but critical expansion of their manufacturing facility. We will help this amazing metal casting company increase production and serve the needs of their clients better with our new design. Before: To be constructed: The best part… Read More »

What is an LVL?

Laminated veneer lumber, abbreviated to LVL, is a type of structural composite lumber (SCL) commonly used in wood construction for both residential and commercial buildings. Similar in concept to plywood, LVLs consist of many thin (less than a quarter inch) wood veneers adhered with high strength adhesives. The veneers are cut to beam-shaped sizes, and… Read More »

Project Spotlight: Calvary Baptist Church

We were recently hired by Calvary Baptist Church (http://www.cbclowell.org/) in Lowell, MA to help understand the current condition of their building components in their 70-year-old building. As with any smart property owner, the church also needed to know where to concentrate their resources for necessary repairs, desired improvements, and develop an overall Capital Improvement Plan.… Read More »