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Screen Room Addition

Team Engineering collaborated with Dube’s General Contracting to help bring this homeowner’s sunroom vision to life. We maintained the existing floor framing and footprint of the existing back porch and built new screen walls and a roof over this area. New concrete footings were required to withstand the added roof load. Team provided realistic 3D… Read More »

Installing Closed Cell Spray Foam in Lifts

Closed-cell 2-lb/ft3 (32 kg/m3)… “high density” spray polyurethane foam has tremendous adhesive and strength properties as well as high thermal resistance and airtightness. This type of spray foam is often installed on the underside of roof sheathing and if the bond between the closed cell spray foam and the underside of the roof sheathing fails,… Read More »

LVLs Rated For Interior (Dry-Use) and Exterior Use

At Team Engineering, we typically specify engineered lumber products manufactured by Weyerhaeuser. When considering beams spanning long distances and where built-up dimensional lumber isn’t practical, we immediately turn to LVL beams. Microllam® LVLs and TimberStrand® LSLs are appropriate for dry-use applications where the beam is not going to be directly exposed to precipitation. These beams… Read More »


Team’s MEP engineers regularly attend ASHRAE New Hampshire events, hosted by the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers. The professional group focuses on advancing the art and science of HVACR design to sustainability serve society. New Hampshire’s ASHRAE chapter organizes regular educational events with guest speakers from the industry, fostering learning and innovation… Read More »

AIA NH Award Gala

Several members of our design team had the pleasure of attending AIA NH’s 2023 Excellence in Architecture Design Awards Ceremony in September.  It was a wonderful event held at the Alnoba property and was an amazing showing of the spectacular skill and talent that New Hampshire’s Architects have to offer.  A number of exceptional projects… Read More »


This magnificent home is the creation of JAD Design Group and built by Robert W. Gray Construction. Of course, we had the role of structural engineer. Although large, this 6,000sf home was completely wood framed over concrete foundations. Check out the finished photos by Joseph Anthony Photography below!