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Comprehensive Design Services

Throughout the years, Team Engineering’s focus has been structural engineering with a strong growth in mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) designs. It is only natural that clients have asked us to help assist in their architectural designs and become a comprehensive building design firm. With our architectural designs, we service homeowners and building professionals in… Read More »

Five-Story Multi-Family Building Benefits from Modular Wood Panels

Construction continues on the five-story, wood-framed apartment building we recently designed. Modular wood wall panels, 4×2 wood floor trusses, and 4×2 wood roof trusses facilitated a speedy framing process. The contractor chose LP Flameblock sheathing for the exterior assembly to meet structural shear wall strength and fire barrier requirements. 2×4 metal plate connected wood trusses… Read More »


We had the pleasure to team with Studio J. Jih on this residential renovation in the heart of Boston, Massachusetts. Jeremy’s team of designers is incredibly amazing at conceptualizing modern architecture and developing unique styles that are sure to win award after award. This project involved a total gut of all four stories of the… Read More »


An amazing lake home is being constructed up in Moultonborough thanks to the partnership of Team Engineering, Misiaszek Turpin PLLC, Land Tech: Surveyors, Lakes Region Ridgeline Builders LLC, and Lauren Milligan Design.   This 6,500sf home is an incredible two-story residence housing luxurious open concept living rooms, multiple bedrooms with their own private bathroom, and… Read More »

Steel Moment Frame for High Seismic Zones

The design and construction of structural systems of a building subjected to seismic activity are strongly affected by its seismic design category (SDC). The seismic design category is determined by three parameters: geographic location, underlying soil stiffness, and building importance or use. Seismic categories range from A (lowest) to F (highest). Seismic design category E… Read More »


Partnering with Northpoint Construction Management, Team Engineering is excited to see the completed construction for this new porch addition at the Wentworth by the Sea Country Club building. The design is a fantastic addition to the existing building and adds additional outdoor space with magnificent views. Northpoint Construction came up with the initial architectural design,… Read More »

Code Compliant vs. Best Practice Wood Decks

The building code governing single and two-family dwellings, the International Residential Code, has many requirements that govern the construction of wood deck structures. Starting with the 2015 edition, the IRC has its own section dedicated to exterior wood deck construction (R507). Like with many structural sections of the code, the wood deck provisions are largely… Read More »

Bonin Architects – New London Lakefront Home – Construction Progress

We worked with Bonin Architects to develop a structural design for a new lakefront home in New London, NH. This particular home has a unique roof shape that we wrote about in our blog earlier this year. (Link). Recently We got the chance to visit the site to see how construction was progressing.  We were… Read More »