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Is this Design Over-engineered?

As engineers, we often are accused of “overengineering” a building’s structure; when, in reality, we are just following the design rules set forth in the local building code. In most cases, contractors are set on their construction methods based on how they were taught when they first entered the industry. How many times have you… Read More »

The Effects of COVID-19 on the Construction Industry in NH and MA

Team Engineering is open and very busy, but not too busy to help you with that design project or solve that engineering issue. Everyone we know in the construction industry has a full schedule right now and many of them are relying on Team Engineering to create the structural and architectural plans for their projects. … Read More »

Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) – HVAC Solution

As discussed in a previous blog, there are HVAC-related measures to potentially reduce the spread of pathogens, such as the coronavirus, that can be taken to supplement social distancing, surface disinfection, hand washing and other good hygiene practices.  One significant HVAC measure is increasing make-up air.  Another is Ultraviolet (UV) Germicidal Irradiation.  The Fresh-AIRE UV… Read More »

Improving Indoor Air Quality in the Era of COVID-19

Is your HVAC system optimized to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and other biological contaminants?  SARS infected people over long distances suggests the possibility of aerosol transmission.  COVID-19 may also be transmitted through the air, but is known to be disseminated more significantly by the following mechanisms: Direct person to person contact Objects infected persons… Read More »

2015 IPC on Attic Vent Termination

There has been confusion in the construction industry since adoption of 2015 IPC Section 903.2 about attic vent terminations.  The NH Mechanical Safety & Licensing Board, NH Fire Marshal’s Office, NH Building Code Review Board and NH Building Officials Association obtained ICC engineering opinions and clarifications regarding plumbing vent size above the thermal envelope. The… Read More »

Durable Housing for Group Homes

We all have favorites.  I like Contoocook Creamery’s Blueberry Milk as a “Victory Drink” on top of a mountain!  Litherman’s Bow Wow Yippie Yo IPA is a nice treat to celebrate the victory around the campfire!  And Community Resources for Justice is one of my favorite clients. CRJ, among other programs, offers group homes for those unable… Read More »

Truss Uplift Wall Connection

Roof trusses have become more and more common in wood-framed construction. Their strategic design allows for economical material to be used, easy fabrication, and quick installation that saves costs all around. One of the most common cosmetic problems with wood-framed roof trusses is associated with ceiling cracks developing at an interior wall. In most situations,… Read More »