By Jeff Trovato, E.I.T. | January 11, 2023

Team Engineering collaborated with two of our favorite clients on this new construction residence with frontage on Lake Winnipesaukee:

Bonin Architects

Cobb Hill Construction 

This home transitions seamlessly from a traditional gable-roof garage to a modern, flat roof structure and back to a classic gable primary suite overlooking the water. The 4000+ SF home appears modest and comfortable from the street due to the L-shaped footprint. The lakeside elevation is composed of facets that vary in height, depth, shape, and window arrangement, making this home impressive and captivating to observe from the water. The kitchen, dining, and living rooms are thoughtfully arranged on the home’s lakeside to appear open to the water yet warm and inviting.

Team Engineering provided full structural plans for this home. In order to achieve such beautiful lakeside window openings, we designed steel moment frames to resist the strong wind loads coming off the lake. The first-floor living space has high roof and floor loads coming right down in the middle of the open layout below. We designed a large steel beam to support these loads while hidden in the ceiling assembly. We have high snow loads here in the northeast, which means we needed to design the long flat roof spans with wood I-joists instead of conventional lumber rafters.

Construction is moving along nicely. We are looking forward to seeing this home complete!


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