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One of my favorite seminars of my professional life was by a Boston based Mechanical Engineer.  The topic was how to size a replacement heating/cooling system for an existing building.  The presenter suggested that no amount of theoretical analysis of building envelope R-values and window U-values and building envelope volume could make up for a… Read More »

Dan Martel elected to Structural Engineers of New Hampshire Board of Directors

Elected by the members in May, Team Engineering’s President Dan Martel recently began serving on the Structural Engineers of New Hampshire (SENH) Board of Directors. The term is 6 years, and Dan will be serving as the treasurer for the next year. He works alongside the other Board members: Tim Paulson (WSP) – President Jeff… Read More »

Five-Story Multi-Family Building Continuous Anchor Tie-Down System

Framing of a five-story, wood-framed apartment building is Nashua is nearly complete. Lately the framers have been installing the continuous anchor tie-down system. The wind and seismic loads on this building were too high for traditional wood shear wall hold-downs, so we utilized a system that continuously connects the shear walls on each floor and… Read More »

Window Wells

The International Residential Code (IRC), section 310 specifies requirements for basement egress and rescue openings. (IRC) 310.1 Emergency escape and rescue opening required Basements, habitable attics and every sleeping room shall have not less than one operable emergency escape and rescue opening. Where basements contain one or more sleeping rooms, an emergency escape and rescue… Read More »

Hurricane Ties

One element of properly creating load path connections is installing a hurricane tie. Hurricane ties secure the roof connections to the ceiling joists and/or exterior walls which keeps the roof in place during high wind weather. Simpson Strong-Tie has conducted laboratory tests and shown real life examples where the roofs of homes are blown off… Read More »

Construction Mockups

In our opinion, successful projects are built on careful planning and effective communication. A powerful in successful projects is construction mockups. Think of a mockup a prototype of a project detail. Mockups provide owners, designers, and builders with a tangible representation of the final product without costly change orders or uncertain commitments. Owners benefit from… Read More »