When the Seas Roll – Another Team Fun Day Adventure

We had been planning for months for another Fun Day adventure –  to be aboard the Challenger for a narrated tour by the Isle of Shoals Steamship Company, to enjoy the outdoors and each other while learning about Portsmouth Harbor and the Isles of Shoals.  Then, the seas began to roll and the skies let… Read More »

Warehouse Construction Progress #3

Check out the construction progress of the warehouse/fulfillment center for which we are architects and structural engineers of record: Photo 1-Steel framing, siding, and roof are almost complete. This will soon be the main entrance.   Photo 2-Steel moment frames on the interior column lines   Photo 3-The thin vertical metal straps will facilitate insulation… Read More »

Concrete Masonry Unit (CMU) Foundation Walls

Concrete masonry units (CMUs), still often and affectionately referred to as cinder blocks, are a common building construction material. They are economical and are often the best solution for structural elements like commercial building walls and elevator shafts. They can also double as fire protection, so they make a great choice for structural walls between… Read More »