Mass Audobon – existing plans, HVAC designs

By John Turner, P.E. | January 24, 2024

Our friends at the amazing Chapman Construction introduced us to the equally amazing Mass Audubon last year.  Since then, we’ve done a variety of projects for them and it’s been a great pleasure to work with them.

One of our recent projects has been to help them establish a design for an efficient HVAC system for their “American Museum of Bird Art” building in Canton, MA.

The building started as a relatively complex single family home and now is a combination of museum, offices, and hospitality.  No surprise that their HVAC system has not kept up with the changing use.  Further, the floor plan is very tight and there are a surprising number of vaulted and cathedral ceilings in “this old house”.

Mass Audubon agreed that utilizing the best technology would be the right way to start, so we had our friends at Matterscan  help with a 3D scan to help us build a very accurate model so that we could design the new HVAC system in our 3D design software, Revit.

This technology is so powerful and helps us create awesome Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing designs in both existing and new buildings.  The image below gives a good quick sense of how accurate our model for this building:

Next step is to get some funding for the conversion from the old oil fired steam system to the modern, efficient and healthy heat pump based system that we have designed.  Perhaps you’ll consider Mass Audubon  in your year-end 501C-3 donations this year.  It could help them with this project!



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