The Classic New Hampshire Lakehouse

By Nate Rogers, E.I.T. | November 10, 2021

There truly is something magical about New Hampshire lake towns in the warm summer months. Kids ride their bikes to get ice cream in town, couples sip coffee on their porch and watch the morning unfold across the lake, neighbors get together to enjoy a lakeside fire in the dusk. Anyone who has spent time at a lakeside cottage or camp knows just how special these places can be. One of the things that makes New Hampshire lakes extra special is the buildings. The shorelines around Winnipesaukee are dotted with beautiful old timeless cottages and camps that often date back well over 100 years. These buildings commonly have a craftsman style mixed with local vernacular. Exposed rafter tails, a central stone fireplace, covered porches, exposed structural members, window seats, shingle siding, and wood paneling are just a handful of features that make these buildings stand out. Jumbles of additions are also common and usually create a mismatched look. These are the things we love. Unfortunately, many of these old buildings need a lot of work. The floors and roof may be sagging. A two-foot-wide staircase is neat, but not practical. The windows are old and leaky. The plumbing is ancient. The ceiling is so low you can hardly stand up straight. I (and I hope many of you) love to romanticize these ancient cabins or cottages tucked in the trees by the lake. But it only takes a couple hours being inside to realize it would be nice to bring these buildings into the 21st century. That is where we can help. Team Engineering has a plethora of experience dealing with old New England buildings. We can handle anything from shoring up existing structure to full scale renovations. And if the tough decision is made to tear down, we can help design a new house while keeping the original spirit alive in your design.

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