Structural Steel Shapes

By Brian Ki, P.E. | October 3, 2020

Structural steel is one of the most commonly used construction materials in the building industry. There is a variety of hot-rolled steel shapes that can be designed to fit almost any construction project.

The steel’s properties and design specifications are laid out by the American Institute of Steel Construction. Inside their nationally accepted Steel Construction Manual, you will find most of the common steel shapes as shown.

When it comes to the design and sizing of structural steel, a licensed structural engineer should always be involved. If you think you may need structural steel in your next building project, give us a call today!

2 thoughts on “Structural Steel Shapes

  1. Joe Worley

    Brian I am interested in knowing the dimensions of your WT shapes and how to designate each one. Thanks PE alabama #4860

    1. Team Engineering

      Thank you for your question, Joe. In the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) Steel Construction Manual, the first handful of pages lists all the structural steel dimensions and properties. More specifically, Table 1-8 lists all the WT shapes from a W2x6.5 all the way up to a WT22x167.5.


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