Return on Investment in Engineering

By John Turner, P.E. | April 6, 2022

Of all our 2021 projects, one of our favorites was the waterfront cottage where, when the rest of the world was panicking about skyrocketing lumber prices and “supply chain trouble”, we pivoted with our client to harvest timber off the land for use in the construction of the porch.  Roof posts cantilevered through the deck platform provide wind and lateral bracing.  It was a great example of how good engineering can save money and ultimately create a beautiful project that is far greener than most in terms of utilizing local resources!

And then there is my favorite – the roof truss!  Yes, I understand, “they do the engineering for free”!  But did you talk to the HVAC technician recently about how little fun it was to kneel on that bottom cord to install the furnace in the attic?  Or did you see how the spray foam insulation failed because it’s hard to install spray foam in a truss framed attic and properly follow all the manufacturer’s instructions?

While on the subject of trusses, read that fine print carefully!  We were recently handed a project with “engineered” floor trusses specified.  The “design” deflection was well over an inch!!  Do the math, 36’/360=1.2”.  Sure, the trusses met the “Code Requirement” of maximum deflection of L/360, but imagine how disappointing it would be when your new game room above the garage sags 1.2” in the center when you actually put the games up there!

We are not inexpensive.  We do add incredible value to the projects we design.  Let us help you invest your design dollars wisely.  We’ll likely save you money.  We’ll certainly deliver practical and solid engineering designs.

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