Life During Renovations Part 2

By Eric Battey, Project Manager | March 18, 2021


I now understand what one Planning Board member said when we were approved for our renovation plan.  At the time, I took the “Good Luck” as a positive seem.  Looking back maybe it was an omen!

There are lessons learned in every project.  In a past segment, we discussed the preliminary factors that can influence the success of your project.

These include:

  • Develop realistic project goals
  • Identify the limitations of your existing building
  • Develop accurate plans
  • Keep timelines flexible

Whether you hire a general contractor (GC) or manage the project yourself (more in a later article), it is vital that a lead person has control of the overall project coordination.  Research candidates for GC and be sure to include feedback from past clients.  A reputable contractor should not have issues providing referrals.

Once established, work with the GC to develop a contract agreement.  This document is critical to the project and will define related expectations which should be understood by all parties.

Elements of a good agreement include:

  • Defined Scope of Work
  • Realistic Timeline
  • Fee Schedule

With any agreement, regular communications with status updates and progress reports are essential as you move through the project.  Depending on the project size and complexity, it may be advisable to engage a qualified professional to monitor the progress.

Team Engineering provides construction monitoring services on both large and small scale projects.  If you would like more information, give us a call.  We are here to help.

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