Category: Architectural Design

A trip to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater

On a recent family trip, we stopped at the infamous, Fallingwater;  a building, often describe as the pinnacle of American single-family home design.  It is impossible to mention the building without mentioning its architectural designer, Frank Lloyd Wright, who was equal parts, design genius and showman. When you visit, it’s clear that both characteristics are… Read More »

Durable Housing for Group Homes

We all have favorites.  I like Contoocook Creamery’s Blueberry Milk as a “Victory Drink” on top of a mountain!  Litherman’s Bow Wow Yippie Yo IPA is a nice treat to celebrate the victory around the campfire!  And Community Resources for Justice is one of my favorite clients. CRJ, among other programs, offers group homes for those unable… Read More »

Normal and Customary Documents for Construction

We all joke about construction plans sketched on a napkin.  Thanks to readily available design software, far too many have become “Architects” and “Engineers.”  Enter Zoning Restrictions, Shoreland Protection and ever-changing, ever complex Codes, and it’s even a challenge for properly licensed design professionals to create perfect design plans! We were asked to help with… Read More »

Building on Hope

Building on Hope is a community organization of volunteers who work with builders, architects and designers to provide physical improvements to facilities associated with non-profit service groups. This May 2020, during this year’s “build week”, hundreds of volunteers will converge on the Nashua Police Athletic League on Ash Street and completely overhaul the inside and… Read More »

Building Permits and Safety

“We don’t need a permit for this, we are only ______.”  We’ve all heard this sentence many times over the years.  It is sadly driven by the desire to save construction expense and increased property taxes associated with the improvement in value after completing upgrades to real estate.  However, skipping this important step in a… Read More »