Team Engineering welcomes Jeff Trovato!

By Jeff Trovato, Engineering Assistant | November 26, 2020

Hello! I’m Jeff, a new Team Engineering hire working as an Engineer Assistant.

I am a New Hampshire native and am thrilled to be continuing my career in my home state. I come from a physics and mechanical engineering background. I am intrigued and inspired by the combination of passion and experience in the Team Engineering office. My career goals are to become a Professional Engineer and a building expert that my community can rely on—Team Engineering is certainly a place that can help me achieve those goals.

I went to school at Boston University where I received my BA in physics and MS degree in engineering.

After finishing my academic career, I moved to Boulder, CO where I worked as an engineer for a bicycle manufacturer and then as an engineer for a metal fabricator. The metal fabricator provides structural and architectural steel primarily for residential homeowners and contractors. This was an excellent introduction to the building/design industry that ultimately lead me to pursue Team Engineering and move back to NH!

Since joining Team at the end of the 2020 Summer, I am realizing how much of a dream-come-true this opportunity has been. In fact, after going through old boxes when I returned to NH, I found some “house plans” I drafted when I was 11 years old! Today, I still enjoy drafting and design for both professional and personal use.

In addition to providing Structural Design assistance, Engineering Consultations and Inspections; I will be growing our Construction Administration service. This is a service to represent our clients during project planning, design, and construction. It instills confidence in homeowners and property managers while navigating the building/construction industry.

In my personal life, I enjoy long walks on scary knife-edge mountain ridges, riding into the sunset on my bicycle, hanging off cliffs by my fingertips, and dodging trees on my snowboard. My partner (Gabby) and my dog (Peanut) are great companions for these adventures.

Woodworking and ‘making’ in general have been longtime hobbies of mine and I value craftsmanship in everything I do. Plus, I still have all my fingers.

I am looking forward to creating relationships within the office and within the industry; as well as gaining invaluable experience from some of the best in the business!

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