When the Seas Roll – Another Team Fun Day Adventure

By Nancy Nichols, P.E. | October 27, 2021

We had been planning for months for another Fun Day adventure –  to be aboard the Challenger for a narrated tour by the Isle of Shoals Steamship Company, to enjoy the outdoors and each other while learning about Portsmouth Harbor and the Isles of Shoals.  Then, the seas began to roll and the skies let loose.  It was a very bad day, indeed, to be out at sea.

So, what to do? Dave & Busters at the Mall of New Hampshire. We forgot about the weather and played indoors.  After a hearty lunch we competed at motorcycle racing, car racing, mummy slamming, ring toss, hatchet toss, air hockey, dance revolution, … The music played, bells chimed, and Team laughed. Brian spun the wheel for higher earnings and bigger prizes.  Jeff ate his winnings, helped by Nate, who did well at just about every game.  Blaise won additional play time for his kiddos.  John, humbled by Dance Revolution, went out empty handed to play real fireman.  Olivia enjoyed most watching John try his feet at Dance Revolution.

The fun loving, competitive spirit is alive and well at Team Engineering.

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