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UniCast North Addition Design

One year ago (, we helped design a small southern addition to expand the manufacturing space for Uni-Cast in Londonderry, NH. Since then, construction has been completed and their aluminum casting plant continues to thrive. As the next phase in the project, we have been contracted to design the North Addition, scheduled to begin construction in… Read More »

Signs of Overstressed Wood Framing

Most of New Hampshire and Massachusetts homes have been constructed using wood framing for floors, walls and roofs. The material is readily available and generally inexpensive when compared to other materials, such as steel or masonry. Just like any other material, wood has its own structural properties and limits to how much forces, or stress,… Read More »

Team Engineering’s Response to Coronavirus

We at Team Engineering are open for business and will continue to be.  We encourage all of you to keep working and living and enjoying our beautiful life on earth! So, here are some recipes from Team Engineering for how to to make a difference with the Coronavirus Crisis: Free will and Personal Choice. Our… Read More »

Team Attends Atlantic Prefab Event in Wilton, NH

We attended Atlantic Prefab’s ( 2019 Commercial Prefab Summit, where we heard about the latest in pre-fabricated wall panel and roof truss technologies. Prefabricated wall panels are revolutionizing mid- to high-rise construction. By constructing exterior wall panels with the entire wall assembly (framing, insulation, waterproofing, and finish) in a climate-controlled environment, construction speed is accelerating,… Read More »

Project Spotlight: Calvary Baptist Church

We were recently hired by Calvary Baptist Church ( in Lowell, MA to help understand the current condition of their building components in their 70-year-old building. As with any smart property owner, the church also needed to know where to concentrate their resources for necessary repairs, desired improvements, and develop an overall Capital Improvement Plan.… Read More »