Victorian Home Renovation

By Morgan Daley | November 8, 2023

Team had the pleasure of working on a large-scale renovation of a historic Victorian home.  Homes of this style and age can be found all over New England.  They have a distinct look to their exterior that many homeowners want to preserve.

However, the late 1800s interior layout does not always match a homeowner’s modern lifestyle, which is where we can help.

For this project Team designed a new interior layout better suited to our client’s needs.  We then designed the new framing and structure required to accomplish their vision while still leaving the majority of the existing structure intact.   This method would bring the home up to modern code without altering the exterior, leaving the historical character throughout the house and requiring less demo throughout the home.

This was done by modeling the entire existing framing layout in Revit and then drawing new framing over top of this.  This helped to ensure that all our new structure would work within the parameters of the existing home as well as assisting us in visualizing all the custom construction details that would be needed to implement our proposed framing solutions.

We are excited to see this project continue into the construction phase, which is now set to include raising the whole home to construct a new full-height basement below it.

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