Team Capital Improvement Plans

By John Turner, P.E. | March 4, 2020

Building Engineering Trust Since 1993.  It’s our company motto.  No joke.  We have been studying buildings in New England for over 25 years now.  With all 11 employees, we have over 100 years of building inspection and design experience altogether.  This is part of why we have become one of the most respected and admired firms in providing Capital Improvement Plans for building and property owners, managers and investors of all types.

The cost of building renovation continues to radically outpace inflation.  While new construction costs also outpace inflation, we are seeing a solid trend – the economics of demolition and replacement are increasingly favorable relative to renovation of an existing property.

By starting your building/property “inventory” with a Team Engineering Capital Improvement Plan, we can help establish a vision and game plan.  There is no reason to replace the roof if the foundation of the building is failing, structurally inadequate, and beyond repair. If the foundation collapses, your new roof will go along with it. Sometimes it is best to just tear down and rebuild.

Conversely, on one recent study (St. Peter Church in Farmington), thanks to less than perfect aesthetics, the building that one might assume is a tear-down, we presented a report that made a strong case for architectural renovations to an otherwise very sound building.

We have lots of great industry contractor partners.  This year, we’ve been working on projects with Chapman Construction, Eckman Construction, Flynn Construction, Fulcrum Associates, Liberty Hill Construction, NorthPoint Construction Management, North Branch Construction and Turncycle Solutions – to name a few.  All of these firms can provide accurate project estimates to help go along with our designs and set a realistic expectation of the total project costs.  Let us study your building and introduce you to the right contractor to help implement a vision that is practical and economical on your next project!

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