Building Renovations On A Shoreline

By Nancy Nichols, P.E. | July 13, 2022

ShorelandIt’s my dream to have a peaceful spot near water to rest my feet.  The New Hampshire landscape offers opportunities not found elsewhere in the world for this dream.  Our waters are clean enough to swim.  There is wildlife, …., and blueberries.

New Hampshire State shoreline permit requirements and municipal ordinances were created to preserve this heritage.  There are restrictions on distances of new buildings and additions to the waterfront.  There are limitations on how much ground can be made impervious with patios, decks, and pavement.  There are limitations on how much existing ground can be disturbed.  There are limitations on limb and tree removals, and dock construction.   There are also requirements for drainage and, of course, for septic systems.

If you are considering expanding a structure on a shoreline and/or increasing living space, you need to investigate whether the shoreline that you want to inhabit is protected by the Shoreland Water Quality Protection Act and learn the Protected Shoreland FAQ.

With a good land survey and the assistance of a qualified environmental professional, you will then be ready to begin your renovation design with Team Engineering.  Many of our favorite projects enjoy shoreline views and access.  Done right, it is worth the extra effort!

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