Reserve Specialist

By Eric Battey, Project Manager | November 7, 2020

Team Engineering services often include reserve studies, transition warranty studies or other property inspection services necessary to develop effective capital or long-term planning strategies.  These services are enhanced by our experienced staff comprised of professional engineers, reserve specialists and licensed home inspectors.

What is a Reserve Study?

Simply stated, a reserve study can be defined as the art and science of preparing for the future replacement of community property or capital assets.  However, a more in-depth description would be that a reserve study is a long range financial planning tool which characterizes the current status of the organizations capital reserve fund and recommends a stable funding strategy to fund future major capital expenditures (i.e. roofs, roadways, siding, etc.)

What is a Reserve Specialist?

This professional designation refers to an individual who possesses knowledge and skills through experience, training and education necessary to prepare reserve studies.  Such studies focus on identifying the Capital Funding needs for community organizations and associations. Credentials for this professional designation are established by the Community Associations Institute (CAI)[1]

Reserve Specialist Credentials

  • Standard of Practice established by the Community Associations Institute
  • Obliged to remain informed of relevant matters which affect our clients.
  • Provide services which follow the guidelines and best practices of the National Reserve Study Standards.[2]
  • Education and experience prerequisites.


[1] A global nonprofit 501(c)(6) organization, CAI is the foremost authority in community association management, governance, education, and advocacy.

[2] Standard of Practice, Community Associations Institute

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