Why Building Inspection and Design

By John Turner, P.E. | September 15, 2021

We have many great clients here at Team Engineering.  Among our favorites are the good people of CRJ (Community Resources for Justice).  They recently asked us to inspect another property under consideration as a transition home for people who are working towards freedom again from incarceration.

Naturally, the #1 rule in real estate applies for this purpose:  location, location, location.  These facilities need to be in communities with access to employment and public transportation for residents with no cars and small resources.  They also need to be located in reasonable proximity to the original homes of these individuals so that friends and family can support them.  In addition, they need to be located where they are welcome…  not an easy task as CRJ has too often discovered.

If location is the #1 rule, then the #2 rule should be function, function, function!  It is this concept that is so fundamental to our tagline “Building Inspection and Design”.  We’ve been studying buildings for nearly 30 years in New England.  We have great experience at evaluating existing buildings and designing solutions!

So often, using CRJ again as an example, their adapted facilities need to be made accessible inside and outside.  A “command central” for checking residents in and out is crucial function.  Providing pleasant kitchen, dining and common area lounge space is also crucial function.  Finally, providing sufficient bedrooms, offices, laundry and bathrooms for residents and staff is also part of the functional package.  We’ll have fun designing improvements so that CRJ can adapt another older building to meet their functional requirements.

Building Inspection and Design – let us help you!

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