The Magic of Magic Plan

By Olivia Caron, E.I.T. | May 25, 2022

             Team Engineering has recently stumbled across an amazing app called Magic Plan that can scan a building’s existing conditions in a super-efficient timeframe. It works on our phones and tablets by scanning the room with the device’s camera. By pinpointing the corners of the room, the app automatically generates an accurate floor plan. This includes dimensions, windows, doors, wall heights, pictures of desired locations, and any notes you might want to add. After completing the scan of the existing conditions, a printable report can be generated and/or the documented information can be exported to a drafting file for further design.

We’ve found Magic Plan to be an effective tool for projects such as residential renovations, existing architectural and structural designs, and even repairs. It allows our engineers to generate the existing building conditions quickly and accurately, for our designers to run with.

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