Nancy Nichols and her colleagues did an OUTSTANDING job.

Nancy Nichols and her colleagues did an OUTSTANDING job.

I’ve had recurrent problems with ice dams and ceiling leaks since 2008. Because previous repairs were unsuccessful in preventing recurrences I asked Team Engineering to analyze the problem and recommend solutions. Nancy Nichols and her colleagues did an OUTSTANDING job.
They thoroughly analyzed the problem and suggested solutions. They then helped me secure a competent contractor and advised and visited as needed while completing the repairs. I could not recommend them more highly, and as the need arises I will use their services in the future.
Perhaps most important to me was that the analysis was “independent.” Recommendations and advice from others (general contractors) tended to differ depending on the contractor’s specific expertise, and not necessarily on a “best approach” to prevent further problems.
Since there is extra cost involved, their services are best used when you have a recurrent problem which is not been adequately dealt with, and/or you want it done once and done right. The peace of mind from knowing that your problem has been dealt with competently and correctly and that all available options have been considered is well worth the premium.

JOHN P. TURNERJohn Turner is a Multi-Discipline (Architectural and Electrical) Licensed Professional Engineer in New Hampshire and Massachusetts, specializing in building technology and construction.

He is also a Board Certified Building Inspection Engineer (BIE).

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