Sunroom vs Screened Porch vs 3-Season Porch

By Olivia Caron, E.I.T. | January 19, 2022

Team Engineering frequently works on lake front homes with clients who want to make the most of their beautiful views and create a pleasant spot to relax or gather friends and family. Team helps propose plans that best fit the desires of our clients by designing Sunrooms, Screened Porches and 3-Season Rooms. The first step in working towards your dream room is to decide what purpose you and your family want the room to serve which will help determine which option is the best fit for you. A Sunroom provides an all-season room with many large windows to maximize sunlight and views. A 3-Season Room is largely the same as a Sunroom, however, it is not insulated so does not allow for heating or air conditioning. This is advantageous if you are looking to save a little money and your home is solely a summer residence or you are just not concerned with being able to use it in the winter. A Screened Porch is a roofed structure with mesh screening for walls.  This allows you to enjoy the outdoors similar to a normal porch with the added advantage of keeping bugs out and creating a nice gathering space.

Team Engineering will help you figure out which of these options is the best fit for you.  Then comes the design aspect of the project. Architectural design is a major component of these projects as it can create a certain feel to the space such as a rustic screen porch with large wood beams versus a modern sunroom with all-glass walls. Some popular design features to consider include gable roofs with large wood trusses, a half wall or railing around the perimeter of the room, a fireplace, a sunroom with glass doors that open a wall entirely to the outdoors, or a spiral staircase to name a few. Team Engineering will provide you with an architectural concept and use your input to specialize the room to your liking before proceeding with a full structural plan and recommending a contractor if needed, so when you are all done with us you will be ready to proceed with building!


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