Saint Theresa Church Capital Improvement Plan

By John Turner, P.E. | January 19, 2020

Our company motto is Building Engineering Trust Since 1993.  In the last 26 years, our clients have come to appreciate that we are expert at establishing Capital Plans.  We do this extensively for Condominium Associations through our Reserve Studies.  We also perform it in the form of commercial pre-purchase inspections for a variety of clients who own buildings and want guidance on how to move forward!

Recently, we were privileged to provide this service for Saint Theresa Church in Rye.  Some weekend when you visit the NH Beaches, be sure to visit Saint Theresa Church for Mass (Saturdays 4pm, Sundays 8am and 10am).  It’s a solid building with lots of nice amenities like air conditioning and ample restrooms.

Like every building – there’s always room for improvement.  We have delivered a comprehensive study of the building and field report to help guide their planning and budgeting for future projects.  Could we provide this service for you?!

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