Project Spotlight: Calvary Baptist Church

By Peter OConnor, Project Manager | October 1, 2019

We were recently hired by Calvary Baptist Church ( in Lowell, MA to help understand the current condition of their building components in their 70-year-old building. As with any smart property owner, the church also needed to know where to concentrate their resources for necessary repairs, desired improvements, and develop an overall Capital Improvement Plan. Team Engineering was the perfect fit given our expertise in building inspections and condition assessments.

Our inspection identified all the components of the building needing immediate repairs and assessed the components that will need replacement in the future. Our report provided a 10-year projection of repair / replacement costs so the church could plan their budgets accordingly. From our findings, Calvary was able to decide the projects they wanted to tackle in the short vs. long term.

If you are trying to identify capital projects and purchases for your property, give Team Engineering a call and we can assist you in detecting key areas to get the most value out of your dollar today!

Peter O’Connor, H.I.
Project Manager

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