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Before the first nail is hammered and the saw blades are singing, building renovation and construction plans will benefit from an official review and approval process.

For this to happen, the building plans must first be submitted to the local building department. In many cases, the local code enforcement officials will require the signature and seal of a licensed Professional Engineer or architect , who will attest to the feasibility of the design plans.

Time is money. At Team Engineering, we understand that renovations and construction plans can involve tight schedules, strict budgets and plenty of stress. A plan review performed by our engineers will provide a detailed analysis of your upcoming construction project. Design Plan Reviews are a great investment in any building project because they avoid costly mistakes – or provide more cost effective approaches that can help to minimize the time and expense of making changes during construction. There is nothing worse than having to halt the construction process and starting over because a portion of the project fails to meet code enforcement mandates!

We respond to these challenges by working with our clients to ensure their plan is reviewed in a reasonable time frame given their proposed project schedule. Also known as an “engineer review,” “structural review” or “architectural review,” this service is typically provided to general contractors, home builders, commercial developers and architects, but we also provide these services to property owners and buyers. By providing a thorough structural review and checking for possible design challenges in the plans, our objective is to greatly increase the feasibility of success with the design.

Synergy builds a better product.

By working with Team Engineering from the very beginning of your building planning and design process, we can provide valuable insight helping you to achieve your goals for the building project and control your working budget. Our engineers often collaborate with architects during the design phase, adding a synergistic element which greatly enhances the outcome of the project. With an engineer’s signature and seal on the plans, the code enforcement approval phase of your project runs more smoothly.

Our team has over 20 years of experience in providing these services, and our firm includes four licensed professional engineers on staff, as well as an extended team of experts. For many architects, home builders, general contractors and commercial developers, a design plan review can be the start of a partnership with Team Engineering based on trust and accountability for many years to come.


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