No Project is Too Small

By John Turner, P.E. | September 5, 2020

Many people say it, but do they really mean it?  “No project is too small.”  This is one example where we shine relative to many of our larger engineering competitors.  Even with our firm, it is expensive to get an engineer’s input on a project.  Our engineers at Team are talented and deserve to be well compensated for their talent and time.

Dan Morin of Morin Contracting Services has been a great long-term partner with Team Engineering.  Dan consistently solicits our input on projects and clearly convinces his clients that our fees are fair and reasonable and that they are a good investment.  Dan suggested to the Parish of Saint Anne-Saint Augustin in Manchester that they get some input from us on a variety of issues related to the foundation of their chapel.  One of the issues is shown in the picture – eliminating the “storm drain” effect of the original exterior access stairs to the mechanical room.  Morin did a great job implementing our vision of a new foundation at this portion and installing a bulkhead door.

As part of this project, we also successfully convinced the City of Manchester DPW to modify the street drainage slightly to solve a long-term problem with street storm drainage entering the basement through a foundation wall.  This was a great example that the right design professional can often save you money if they really care about you and your situation.

Bottom line, we like the big jobs, but we are also happy to tackle the small jobs because “Deliver engineer expertise for projects of all sizes” is the third point of our Mission Statement.  How can we help you?!

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