Why a Team Home Inspection?

Why a Team Home Inspection?

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Included in the many building consulting services Team Engineering
provides, we also perform home inspections. Team Engineering
assesses residential and commercial buildings every day. Because
of this work, we have seen almost every conceivable problem a structure can
encounter in New England, so we know where to look when it comes to home

Why hire an engineering firm for a home inspection? Engineers pay attention to
detail. We incorporate that attention into our home inspections. When we find
problems with buildings, it is often a result of improper installation details. Our
solutions not only fix the problems but also ensure it will last the full lifespan of the
building. This is one of the many reasons our clients rave about our service and call
us again when it’s time to renovate, buy their next home or design additions to their

Our Home Inspection Report includes a ten-year maintenance plan customized to
your home. This portion of our report includes our suggested maintenance, repair
and replacement schedule over one, five and ten years, as well as yearly
maintenance. The intent of this plan is to assist our clients in budgeting for large
expenses and reduce surprises.

Team Engineering finds satisfaction in performing a thorough inspection that
provides our clients confidence in purchasing their home. It is our passion for quality
workmanship and proper design that makes us the right choice for your home
inspection. We strive to enhance our customer’s lives with our services.




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