What are common elements in the Condo World?

What are common elements in the Condo World?

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If your home or business is part of a Condominium Association, you may have needed to read through the various legal documents that define the Association, the “Condo Docs”. As you peruse the paperwork you find terms such as Common Area, Limited Common Area or Common Elements. Initially, these words appear to havethe same meaning. But on closer inspection, that word Limited is very important.

Generally, Common Areas refers to all aspects of the property that are not part of the individual units such as land, roads, walkways, mechanical systems, structural components, roofing, siding and other amenities. Limited Common Area means portions of the Common Area that is used exclusively by one or more, but not all units. However, even Limited Common Areas are still part of the overall Common Areas. Confused yet?
The Association is responsible for the operation, maintenance and replacement of all Common Elements. However, the Condo Docs may define Limited Common Areas where the users are responsible for operation, maintenance and sometimes replacement of the components. For instance, the patio in the rear of your unit is often listed as Limited Common Area. It is a Common Area, with limited use. The Condo Docs may describe maintenance such as paver repair or snow clearing to be the responsibility of the unit owner. The description may even specify that replacement of component materials is unit owner responsibility.
If you are part of a Condominium Association, you should read and understand your condominium documents. If your documents are difficult to decipher, seek assistance from your Board of Directors or other professional resource.




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