Tricks of the Trade

Tricks of the Trade

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Team Engineering is known as the local “Go-To” Engineering Firm. You have a technical problem or question about your building? We have an engineer with a solution. Naturally, we want to “Improve your Life!” through our engineering services and thus, the following are some free tricks to help guide you for whether you really need one of our great people or not:

    1. Foundation Cracking and Settlement:

  • a. Vertical cracks are generally less serious than diagonal or horizontal.
  • b. 1/8” crack size is a good rule of thumb. Larger than 1/8”, you might need an engineer;
  • c. Water penetration: If the water puddles on the floor below the crack, you should fix it!
  • d. If the foundation wall is out of plumb more than ¼”/foot, it’s time to call an engineer;
  • e. If the wall separates from the floor more than ¼”, it’s time to call an engineer.
  • 2. Framing Basics:

  • a. Great rule of thumb for conventional wood floor joists in residential applications: take span (say 15’), divide by 2 (7.5’) now add 2 and convert to inches for depth of “2 by” member required for span (9.5” or a 2”x10”) at 16” on center. One more example: 10’ span, divide by 2 is 5, add 2 is 7 for 2×8 at 16” on center
  • b. The classic strong roof section is the gable or triangle. This means= strong connections are required at all 3 corners. If the bottom members (usually the ceiling joists) do not connect the upper legs of the triangle (the rafters), then you better shovel the snow off – and then call an engineer!




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