Steel Joist Modifications

Steel Joist Modifications

Posted on September 17 , 2019 by admin0 Comments

Does your building utilize steel open-web joists for the floor or roof framing? Not sure?
They might look something like this:

You commonly see them framing the roof of large grocery stores and home-improvement warehouses.
These truss-type structures are lightweight, strong, and a very economical and common floor and roofframing structure used in commercial applications. While they are a practical choice for new construction, they are difficult and expensive to modify once in service.
Why would you need to modify a joist? Perhaps you want to add a new roof-top mechanical unit and the load exceeds the joist design capacity. Or perhaps you want to install a new elevator in the building and need to cut the joists mid-span. The first step in the process is to understand what you have. Start by filling out our joist designation form, and with any luck, we can identify the joist and know very quickly the manufacturer, type, and load-carrying capacity.
If your joists are not strong enough for your planned project, there may be ways to supplement them, or re-arrange the anticipated loads, to avoid expensive modifications to the joists. Contact us to see how we can bring our strong recent experience renovating existing buildings with steel joists to your project!




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