Remodeling Design Expertise

Remodeling Design Expertise

Posted on September 17 , 2019 by admin0 Comments

Being in the construction and real estate industry, we see many homeowners who wish to take on their own remodeling projects. The satisfaction of completing a project from start-to-finish and being able to look at it and say, “I did that,” is a tremendous accomplishment and gives great satisfaction. Let’s be honest, the countless hours of HGTV has also influenced us all and sometimes, even made projects seem much easier than originally anticipated.

When starting a new project, consulting a professional designer is always a great idea. The designer can anticipate all aspects of the project and wave any red flags that might not be seen by someone not as educated with the subject. For a simplified example, the typical DIYer may wish to remove a wall to create an open concept between their kitchen and living room. To the casual DIYer, it seems as simple as knocking out the drywall, a few wooden studs, and voilà.

What may be overlooked is the permitting process (what does the town require for a building permit), structural significance of the wall (is it load bearing), any electrical or plumbing that may be inside of it (how do you rework what was once there), signs of rot or deterioration (is there a problem elsewhere that is causing a problem in this area), and many more situations. Although you may be able to research these individual topics on Youtube or Google, it is much easier to have a well thought-out comprehensive plan that covers the realistic potential situations that may arise.

Essentially, this is the job of a professional designer and can save the homeowner the most money; whereas unplanned additional costs may not be as warranted. The work can still be performed by the DIYer, but you’ll have a set of plans, or detailed instructions (similar to IKEA) and it’ll be as simple as following the steps. Let us at Team Engineering help you with your next project and get you moving with a well thought-out plan!




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