Why a Team Home Inspection?

Included in the many building consulting services Team Engineering provides, we also perform home inspections. Team Engineering assesses residential and commercial buildings every day. Because of this work, we have seen almost every conceivable problem a structure can encounter in New England, so we know where to look when it comes to home inspections. Why hire an engineering firm for a home inspection? Engineers pay attention to detail. We incorporate that attention into our home inspe

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Reasons for Residential Sprinklers

Residential sprinkler systems have become more and more relevant to the point that some towns are requiring them in new residential buildings. Although these systems tend to add additional costs to any construction project, they add a level of safety that everyone can appreciate. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) sprinklers have produced the following advantages when compared to homes without them:

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What are common elements in the Condo World?

If your home or business is part of a Condominium Association, you may have needed to read through the various legal documents that define the Association, the “Condo Docs”. As you peruse the paperwork you find terms such as Common Area, Limited Common Area or Common Elements. Initially, these words appear to havethe same meaning. But on closer inspection, that word Limited is very important. Generally, Common Areas refers to all aspects of the property that are not part of the individual

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Basement remodels – Code change impacts on project costs

Have you ever wondered why your appraisal shows less living space than you think there is? And is it something that should concern you? According to Kevin Fritschy of In-East Appraisal Group, real estate appraisals are performed in accordance with American National Standards Institute or ANSI standards, which specify that gross living area or (GLA) is limited to above-grade areas of single-family residences. The ANSI standard Z765-1996 defines this as: “The above-grade floor area is the

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Tricks of the Trade

Team Engineering is known as the local “Go-To” Engineering Firm. You have a technical problem or question about your building? We have an engineer with a solution. Naturally, we want to “Improve your Life!” through our engineering services and thus, the following are some free tricks to help guide you for whether you really need one of our great people or not:

    1. Foundation Cracking and Settlement:
  • a. Vertical cracks are generally less serious than diagonal o

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