Insurance Claim Investigations

In the unfortunate cases where damage occurs to homes or other structures, Team Engineering is ready and able to help assess the underlying cause. We provide these services to property owners and insurance carriers.  Our clients hire us to do these careful assessments, because they know they can trust us to give them an unbiased and informed opinion about the cause of the problem presented in a well written report.

For example, when a roof collapses during the cold winter months, we can determine if it happened primarily because of the heavy load of snow weighing down on it, or if the roof framing was rotted. Or, after a storm, we can examine a roof and assess if part of it blew off due to high winds or of it was incorrectly installed. If there is mold in the home – are there conducive living habit factors or problems with the construction of the home? Were the cracks in the home’s foundation the result of a bad concrete mix, or shifting earth?
Insurance Claim InvestigationsOur team of licensed engineers get to the source of the problem. It’s like solving a mystery. It is more appropriately known as insurance investigation services, forensic engineering or simply engineering consulting. Building owners appreciate that the insurance company has hired a third party consultant with a reputation of high integrity. Our reports are used as the basis for settlements that are deemed fair to both parties.
At Team Engineering, we have more than two decades of experience in evaluating homes and other buildings in Northern New England, so we are well-qualified to perform these services. We pride ourselves in responding quickly to our clients and producing our reports in a timely fashion. We understand how stressful it is to find water in the basement or discover that part of the roof has blown off, and we are committed to helping people get their lives back to normal as soon as possible.


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