Team Engineering’s building and home inspectors conduct thorough and advance inspections that answers difficult questions about structural, mechanical, and building envelope issues.

With this data, we are able to predict the life expectancy of your building systems. Our engineered inspections will help you best underst and and improve upon the buildings in which you work and live.
  • Home Inspections

    Home Inspections

    As dually licensed professional engineers (PE) and home inspectors (HI), Team Engineering provides home inspection services that extend beyond the scope of traditional home inspection. Our inspection reports are stamped with both our PE and HI licenses. In addition our reports,  also provide clients with a maintenance plan that is customized to the home.

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  • Reserve Studies & Transition Studies

    Reserve Studies & Transition Studies

    A reserve study (which is sometimes referred to as a “capital reserve study”) is an ongoing report used by condominium associations to plan their budgets for future capital repairs and replacements. A transition study is a one-time property condition report that is needed when condominium associations are transferring ownership from builder to the association. Both reserve studies and transition studies provide condominium associations (or the property management company who works with them) very valuable and much-needed information.

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  • Property Condition Assessment (PCA’s)

    Property Condition Assessment (PCA’s)

    While some failing building components are obvious – like a sagging roof or a toilet that is not working properly – some problems are harder to spot and require the expertise of a professional engineer. As a commercial property owner or buyer, a property condition assessment performed by Team Engineering’s qualified engineers offers a great financial tool for the commercial property owner or buyer. We not only inspect the building, but also provide a “repair/replacement” summary along with our inspection report that lists and prioritizes the upcoming repairs and replacements.

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  • Construction Monitoring

    Construction Monitoring

    As engineering consultants on a building project, we keep the lines of communication open between client and general contractor. The versatility of our engineers allows us the flexibility to modify plans or consult on building components such as mechanical, structural and energy. We even have architects on staff that can make alterations to a design, if necessary. We are truly a “one stop-shop” for any project in need of building engineering services!

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  • Capital Improvement Plan

    Capital Improvement Plans

    A Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) is a financial tool that can help schools,  churches, non profit businesses and municipalities, as well as people who own multiple commercial properties, determine when and how their buildings need to be maintained. Our CIP services take a look at the capital needs of a facility over the next decade and cost-project them out over a set period of time based on the urgency of the repair or improvement.

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  • Home Energy Score

    Home Energy Score

    Home Energy Score (HES) is a national scoring system for single family homes and townhouse condominiums.  Like a miles-per-gallon rating for a car, the Home Energy Score is a rating designed to help homeowners and homebuyers gain useful information about a home’s energy performance.

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