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Do you want to know how the energy efficiency of your home, or the home that you are considering buying, compares to that of others?  Do you want to know what energy improvements you can make that are worthwhile? The U.S. Dept. of Energy (DOE) has created the Home Energy Score to do this and more.

Home Energy Score (HES) is a national scoring system for single family homes and townhouse condominiums.  Like a miles-per-gallon rating for a car, the Home Energy Score is a rating designed to help homeowners and homebuyers gain useful information about a home’s energy performance.

Home Energy Scoring is an in-home assessment. It ranks your home’s envelope as well as its heating, cooling, and hot water systems.  The Score is easy to understand.  It is a number between 1 and 10 (10 is best). A score of 5 indicates average energy use.  A home scoring of 1 is estimated to consume more energy each year than 85 percent of U.S. homes, after accounting for local climate.

Recommendations for energy efficiency improvements are provided with the Score in an easy to read report.   Recommendations for lower cost and most effective improvements are provided first.   Recommendations for eventual replacements are provided last.  Estimates for energy and annual cost savings are provided.

DOE supports and maintains the scoring tool used by professional Home Energy Score assessors.  DOE and its Partners carry out quality assurance through on-site reassessment of homes scored by energy professionals skilled in energy efficiency, energy rating, and evaluation methods.

Home Energy Scoring can be performed by Team Engineering’s energy professionals together with a Home Inspection, or as a standalone inspection.


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