December 29, 2021

Helical Piers

By Nate Rogers, E.I.T.

Helical piers offer a unique foundation solution in places where traditional concrete foundations are difficult or impossible to install. Helical piers reassemble giant screws and that is essentially what they are. Their strength comes from the screw biting into soil and can be determined by measuring the torque applied to the piers. If the soil is too weak near the surface, the piers can be extended down until reaching good soil and achieving the required load capacity. All without any excavation needed! Originally popular in big cities where excavation was near impossible, this technology is now available for residential applications and the cost is coming down quickly as they increase in popularity. We recently designed a 16’x18’ sunroom addition using helical piers. This will allow for a quick and easy installation and save the client money when compared to the material and effort needed to construct a concrete foundation. Helical piers are a great option for decks, construction near water, and many other building circumstances.