From our intern – Why I Chose Engineering

By Olivia Caron | July 25, 2020

Growing up I never really had a job that I always dreamed of doing. I had a range of interests; sports, reading, drawing, the outdoors, and I just never really had one thing that stood out over the others. In high school, I considered being an architect, a teacher, and a few other things but I still did not really have a clear idea. When I had to start applying to colleges my dad suggested I apply into the college of engineering since I have always been good at math and science. This gave me a wide range of options to choose from.  When you start in one of the hardest majors, it gives you leeway to change to something else if you want to. I signed up for an introduction course to civil engineering because it was similar to architecture and I had always liked that. I ended up finding the course extremely interesting and decided to stick with it. What I really liked about the course was how the teacher showed that within civil engineering we could really leave a mark on the world. He would show us amazing designs from around the world as well as environmentally forward engineering. I found all of the projects very inspiring because I liked the idea that I contribute to building amazing places in the world. This was why architecture always intrigued me, there are so many places all around the world that started out as an idea and are now some of the most visited places in the world such as the Colosseum, La Sagrada Familia, the Eiffel Tower and so many more. These places are iconic, with the cities built around them, and bring in millions of visitors every year to enjoy their history and beauty. I love the thought that I could help build something so permanent and contribute something beautiful to the world for people to enjoy. However, I have realized I also like the smaller projects that civil engineering offers. I always enjoy watching home improvement shows and some of the projects we do at Team Engineering remind me of the work they do in those shows. I like how I can help small businesses and families bring their dreams to fruition. I also like the creativity that goes into designing a project and the satisfaction of a finished project. So, while I may have started out without having a clear idea of what I wanted to do it has led me to finding something I am passionate about and enjoy doing.

2 thoughts on “From our intern – Why I Chose Engineering

  1. Deborah Dearborn

    Olivia – I just came upon your TE message. So glad to read about what led you to this career – from Dad’s suggestion to being open to the subject. You’re with a good group!

    1. Olivia

      Hi Deborah- I’m so glad I gave engineering a chance! It’s so interesting and I’ve learned so much, and Team Engineering has been amazing with giving me a start on my career!


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