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Years of Professional Engineering training, performing thousands of building inspections, solving building problems and communicating complicated information clearly and concisely are key to providing successful Expert Witness services. Expert Consultations, sometimes referred to as “construction litigation support”, provides an engineering opinion in support of the claim of the plaintiff or defense attorney. The engineers at Team Engineering are experienced, articulate and impartial.

Clear communication is key.  Years of training affords our engineers the ability to determine construction quality and causes of failure for building systems and components. Some expert cases involve our engineers determining if construction meets code compliance or identifying the degree to which the plans are followed during construction. Were the materials that were specified on the plans used? Were they installed as the manufacturer recommends? Having the knowledge is important to be sure. However, it is also critical that the engineer can communicate this knowledge so that it is understood by people on all levels of technical proficiency.

Details are our specialty. The first steps in litigation support are 1) thorough research, 2) clear analysis and 3) identification of causes and solutions. It is our experience that many cases are resolved prior to the trial date being set. This saves our clients anxiety, time and expense. For those cases that do proceed to trial, ourengineers are articulate, well prepared witnesses that bring the science of engineering to light, which provides clarity against an emotional setting.

It was our honor to have opposing counsel approach us after a lawsuit to request our services on his next case.


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