Our consulting team of engineers helps you create safe, healthy living and working environments by ensuring that the many systems comprising your home or building come together and work properly.

Team’s building engineer consultants are able to discover existing problems in your commercial or residential building – as well as preventing new ones! Once identified, Team Engineering can provide repair recommendations with our design services, construction monitoring or litigation services to ensure you get a complete solution.
  • Engineering Consultations

    Engineering Consultations are like an engineered home inspection – except with a specific problem in focus. Sometimes called “forensic engineering,” a consulting engineer’s opinion is valuable to anyone wishing to purchase a building or home.  This service is also valuable to insurance companies, attorneys, realtors and lenders who need to identify the cause of a structural problem.

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  • Insurance Claim Investigations

    Insurance Claim Investigations

    Also known as “insurance investigation services” or “forensic engineering,” Team provides these services to insurance carriers as well as property owners. Team Engineering is on the short list of many insurance agencies call in emergencies. Our clients hire us to do these careful assessments because they know they can trust us to give them an unbiased and accurate opinion about the cause of the problem.

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  • Holes & Notches in your Studs, Beams and Joists

    Holes & Notches in your Studs, Beams and Joists

    We all have them in our homes: holes drilled in our wood studs, joists, and beams to pass through electrical wiring or HVAC ducts. And sometimes you need to notch that stud just so to fit your new plumbing pipes. Not only is it standard construction practice to alter studs and beams to allow for wires and pipes, but it is actually permitted by the International Residential Code (IRC), the code governing residential construction in most states, New Hampshire and Massachusetts. included.

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  • Expert Witness Services

    Expert Witness Services

    Expert consultations, sometimes referred to as “construction litigation support,” provide an engineering assessment that reinforces the claim of a plaintiff or defense attorney. For those cases that do proceed to trial, our engineers are articulate, well prepared witnesses that bring the science of engineering to light, which provides clarity into a sometimes emotional setting.

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  • Building Envelope Consultations & Specifications

    Building Envelope Consultations & Specifications

    We provide full service consulting for the building envelope (or shell) including inspection, evaluation, reporting, design, and cost estimating.  We perform this work for owners and boards of large commercial facilities, as well as residential condominiums.  We perform envelope consultations as a standalone service or together with Capital Improvement Planning. Envelope consultations can also lead to Team Engineering design of repair or replacements with preparation of plans and specifications.

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