Construction Monitoring

While a photo or plan of the planned construction may be worth the proverbial thousand words, we feel that being there and monitoring the work in person to be sure it is done correctly is worth a million words.

At Team Engineering, we understand that our clients are not always able to monitor their building projects 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As construction engineers, we are able to serve as the owner’s representative, which in essence lets us be his or her eyes and ears for the portion of that project that we are responsible to oversee.

From start to finish. It is the standard practice of Team Engineering to research the nuances of every project ahead of time to make sure that the project runs smoothly. During the construction process, we effectively monitor the contractor’s activities and progress, visiting the site two to three times on average and checking to be sure the work is being done according to project design documents. As engineering consultants on a building project, we keep the lines of communication open between client and general contractor.

Construction Engineering Services – also known as “Engineering Oversight,” “Construction Monitoring,” or simply “clerk of the works” – provides a necessary service for a broad spectrum of clientele. This could be architects, general contractors, municipalities, or a home or business owner who is having their property remodeled. The project could be as simple as a homeowner who wants to remodel their basement for a billiard room – to a multi-million dollar expansion of an arts and sciences center at a state college.

Have you got a building project coming up? Hiring a construction engineer for a building project is win-win. The general contractor wins, because his project stays on time and avoids the costly mistakes that sometimes occur when engineering components are overlooked. The property owner wins, because the standard of quality and structural integrity of the finished project is high.

While other engineering consulting firms often offer construction engineering services, the multi-disciplined approach that Team Engineering brings to the table helps to set us apart from the competition. The versatility of our engineers allows us the flexibility to modify plans or consult on other building components such as mechanical, structural and energy. We even have architects on staff that can make alterations to a design, if necessary. We are truly a “one stop-shop” for any project in need of building engineering and design services!


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