Construction Administration in Quechee, VT

By Brian Hansen, Project Manager | January 9, 2021

Team Engineering represents a condominium community on an exciting project while their contractor replaces all the siding, doors, windows, and exterior decks on their buildings.

The service is called Construction Administration (CA) and in laymen’s terms we are working as an intermediary between the contractor and our client to make sure the project is performed as it was designed and agreed.  CA services are commonplace on large projects so that clients do not have to manage the schedules, paperwork, and progress occurring on a large construction project.  Clients hire third-party consultants like Team Engineering to assure they get the most value for their money.

In this case, the contractor uncovered many hidden issues with the buildings and we provided an elevated level of value with our engineers and CA professionals on staff who can create solutions immediately to keep the project moving forward.  CA projects vary in size and scope which is an advantage for us.  We are a nimble interdisciplinary firm with Professional Engineers.  We create clever solutions fast, and fast translates to savings.

If your organization is confronted with a large construction project and you would like the assistance of a third-party professional to administer the project so that it is delivered smoothly, think of us.

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