Condo Development Reconstruction

By Dan Martel, P.E. | April 7, 2021

Team Engineering provides many of our services to condominium associations all over New England. Condominium associations own common elements of buildings and properties, and that usually includes the building envelopes like roofs and exterior walls.

This condominium complex in Concord, NH includes 60 townhouse-style units over 10 buildings. Built in the 1980’s, it was recently discovered that the buildings were not built with any water-resistive barrier between the siding and wood sheathing. Constructing with a water-resistive barrier (WRB) is so important for wood-framed buildings in this and every part of the country. The community discovered extensive rot in the wood sheathing and structural framing that infiltrated the siding in every building, and a comprehensive reconstruction of the envelope was prioritized by the association.

The association Board of Directors engaged Team Engineering to provide construction administration services, including contractor bid solicitation and procurement, weekly on-site oversight of construction progress, and review of contractor payment applications. The Board selected Schernecker Property Services (SPS) to perform the work, and the transformation was terrific. We are proud to have represented the association to ensure the envelope was built to last for decades.

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