Our relationships with realtors include both listing agents and selling agents for residential or commercial properties.

It is a word of mouth referral business. A realtor’s success over time depends on the level of satisfaction each of their clients experience with the sale or purchase of their homes. Real Estate transactions involve multiple professionals, processes and priorities. Getting the right people for each part of the process can simplify the process considerably.
Listing Agents who are assisting clients with the purchase of a home will recommend Team Engineering for a pre-purchase inspection of the house to document the current condition of the home, identifying anything that may need to be addressed prior to or during the closing of the sale of the house.
Selling Agents who are assisting clients with the sale of a home will recommend Team Engineering to get a perspective on what potential buyers might see, and perhaps to make additional repairs prior to putting the house up for sale. Occasionally, some selling agents will also ask us to develop repair designs for their client to present to the buyer in negotiating the terms of sale.
Commercial Real Estate Agents are sensitive to the increased liability for which their commercial clients are responsible. As a result, we perform property condition assessments (PCA’s) that provide repair and replacement estimates for major building systems and components.
As an added value, commercial realtors also have the option of including a Phase I environmental site assessment along with their PCA report to present to their clients for their added knowledge and protection. These two evaluations provide the prospective commercial property owner with realistic costs to maintain the building. Projected maintenance and repair costs that are combined with the price to purchase the building comprise the true “cost to own.”
Like realtors, our success is directly tied to the satisfaction of our clients because a satisfied client is our best referral.


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