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Because of the inherently competitive nature of the industry, insurance agents need to be responsive to their clients. At Team Engineering, we work directly with commercial and homeowner’s insurance agents, providing them with a variety of services that can help them stay competitive.

Quick to the cause. When an insurance company receives a claim for water damage to the ceilings of a home, they need to know what caused the damage in order to determine if it is covered by the policy. Was it an ice dam? Worn out roofing? Or was it condensation build up from inadequate roof ventilation or an improperly installed air conditioning unit?
Our Team is highly skilled in conducting structural, mechanical, and environmental inspections. The engineers at Team have a diverse background and experience in the building sciences, which allows us to quickly and accurately assess building structures and their components.Fast results and complete documentation gives insurance agents who hire us the information they need for their clients and their company.
Confident and confidential. As building engineering consultants, we are often asked by insurance companies to provide expert witness services. The professional and well-spoken engineers in our firm can testify in court on the facts in our damage reports, clearly communicating to the judge and attorneys the cause of the damage. Our commitment to professionalism and confidentiality makes Team Engineering a valuable ally in the insurance claims litigation process.
Insurance agents and the insurance companies they represent have come to rely on our team of experts to accurately and impartially evaluate their home or business casualties. Prompt inspections and clearly written reports help to shorten the duration of the claims process – which is in everybody’s best interest!


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