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Home Inspectors, licensed in the State of New Hampshire, can play a key role in the sale of a home. Prospective home owners and banks rely on home inspection companies to provide accurate, complete and fair evaluations of the current condition of home for sale. Both licensed home inspectors (LHI’s) and professional engineers (PE’s) like those at Team Engineering adhere to the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) Standards of Practice.*

These standards provide assurance to every potential home buyer that they will be given basic information needed for them to make a decision on the possibly the biggest investment of their lives.  There may be additional issues that a home buyer will want addressed that go beyond these standards.   What happens then?


Home Inspectors will refer their clients to Team Engineering when the scope of the project falls outside their area of expertise.  This would cover estimating how much more life is left for any part of the home before it will need to be replaced or repaired.


Structural concerns about a home will also trigger questions that are best answered by a structural engineer.


Here are some examples of the scenarios and questions that arise where an engineer is needed:


Foundation cracks.  Is the crack is structurally significant? Will it get worse (grow and change)?

  1. Condensation in windows is often caused by poor ventilation or improper insulation methods.
  2. Is the wiring sufficient to the needs of the prospective buyer?
  3. Is the floor framing adequate for the intended use?

Sill or sheathing rot. If moisture is identified underneath siding, the source of the moisture is not “visually observable.” Water damage is a real concern for potential home buyers.

Roof life.  How many more years do I have left on this roof?

Sloping floors.  Is it the result of normal settling?  How do I fix it?

Team Engineering values our relationship with the many fine Home Inspectors serving New Hampshire and Massachusetts.  This is true team work.

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